8 Things about Snowballing Every Beginner Must Know

These tips are listed by some of the most famous snowmobiling experts who believe they wish they’d know these tips before. If you landed on this page, count yourself lucky. Here are some tips if you are new to riding a motoneige usagée:

  1. Be aggressive

This is a very important tip. Always be strong, positive and assertive by all means. Also use your voice. If something feels fishy or unsafe, then speak out loudly and clearly.

  1. Never overthink

There will always be trees on the way and always in a bad spot, no matter where you go. Never stare at the trees or else you will definitely hit them. All you have to do is see the tree, acknowledge it, look at the path near to it which is clear and then move on.

  1. Always choose quality gear

Never wear your partner’s extra gear. Never wear those fuzzy cute boots too. Your safety should always be a priority so look for something that will keep you safe, warm, comfy and dry. Always layer your clothes with good fitted base first to keep you dry, second layer to keep you warm, mid layer to keep you warm after a hard work. Third layer of a waterproof jacket and keeping the moisture at bay. The gear must not be bulky but comfortable.

  1. Allow yourself to get stuck

Sled etiquette is to help anyone to get their sled unstuck and to get help in return as well.

  1. Always be on time

Never show up with a hangover, fuzzy slippers, forgotten goggles and hungry to the session. Be on time, be well rested, hydrated, fed and ready for the day

  1. You don’t need to prove anyone

This is no competition. Just have fun, push your personal limits a little, learn something new and head home.

  1. Keep yourself well apprised

Always check the weather report, road conditions etc. It is always a good idea to keep yourself apprised about the planned destination, departure area and the planned return time. Equip yourself with proper gear that comes with safety equipment and lets your family track your location from any smart device and a means to contact them in the case of emergency.

  1. Find your confidence in little victories

Establish a solid base of basic skills before you head out to drive a snowmobile.

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