Design Your Automotive Site Like A Pro With Website Builders!

Regardless of the niche and other factors, every business must have a website. Your business website is critical for online marketing, and it also works as the digital face of your brand. Designing a website for certain industries and niches can be tricky, and automotive is one of them. Like a fashion or food website, automotive websites don’t always have that sleek glamour quotient. Often website designers end up compensating for the same by using too many elements.

If you want an automotive website that stands out, you should consider extensive prototyping, and that’s easier when you are using a website builder.

Comparing website builders with professional web design services

Automotive-niche websites can have different purposes. For example, a website for a car wash service would look very different from that of one designed for a car dealership. It always takes considerable time to come with a design, and while web designers do create custom themes, you can only play with a few ideas. With website builders, you have all the tools and features at disposal, and most of these platforms have a ‘drag and drop’ interface, so you can actually get the website ready in no time.

Compared to web development services, website builders are much cheaper, although you may still have to pay for a few templates and features. It is also important to evaluate what you want from the website. For example, if you are just trying a basic site, you should not go for paid features right away.

Which website builder is the best?

As far as automotive industry is concerned, you can consider one of these four choices –

  • Wix
  • Weebly
  • WordPress
  • Shopify

Both Wix and Weebly have a whole bunch of features, and you get more than a few hundred templates, although some are paid. Also, both these website builders are extremely good with support. Wix doesn’t offer an email with the free plan though, while Weebly doesn’t have as many templates. Some of the templates are dedicated for auto niche sites, so consider those options. Shopify is a website builder if you want to sell car parts, products and accessories online, and you can open simple online store for a lot less money, compared to custom development. WordPress is ideal when you want to design basic websites.

Check online for comparing website builders better, focusing on pros and cons of each.

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