Do You Need Professional Crane Hire?

When you need a big job done, sometimes the only way to get it done safely, securely, and quickly is to use a crane. Cranes come in different sizes depending on the load they need to handle. If you’re running an important construction project, for example, you’ll likely need to hire a crane to ensure that you meet those construction deadlines.

Why Should You Hire?

The fact is that hiring a crane is ideal for the following reasons:

  • Crane hire companies are usually a lot more knowledgeable about cranes, crane types, and what kind of crane is required to get the job done quickly, safely, and securely.
  • Most contractors do not have their own crane equipment.
  • Cranes can be hired as needed and even in emergency situations.

Where Might Cranes Be Used?

There are plenty of reasons why a company that specialises in crane hire in Welshpool might be contacted. Cranes find uses in the following environments and for the following tasks:

  1. In the Mining Industry

The mining industry is renowned for using a lot of heavy equipment and machinery. Often, this machinery needs to be lifted and this is when it’s necessary to use a crane for the job.

  1. In Building and Construction

Of course, cranes are used regularly in the building and construction industry around the country. Whether it is lifting and locating heavy panels and beams into place, or lifting large quantities of building materials, cranes play an integral role in the building and construction industry.

  1. In Emergency Situations

Sometimes, in the direst of emergency situations, a crane is needed for lofting. For example, if a truck has run off the road, it’s necessary to use a crane to lift it.

  1. Delivery of Heavy Machinery and Equipment

There are also occasions when it is necessary to deliver heavy machinery to a location. In these cases, a crane may be used to locate the machinery onsite exactly where it needs to be. For example, in heavy industry and mining, heavy machinery is required to be delivered to specific locations onsite.

  1. Loading and Unloading Freight

Cranes are also often hired to load custom freight into aircraft and onto large trucks for delivery to another location.


Cranes are often used across a wide range of sectors and industries to help lift heavy machinery, freight, building materials, and other things. By going to a professional crane hire company, you get the advantage of their knowledge and expertise in this area.

Often, such companies will also be able to provide an experienced and skilled operator to operate the crane. In this context, they can provide a skilled, safe, and secure crane service to get the job done right.

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